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Bishop L. W. Francisco III · Calvary Community Church, Hampton, VA

It is my privilege and honor to share with the body of Christ a woman who has the heart of God and a deep abiding passion to empower women. For twenty- five years she has been a wife as well as a mother, teacher, administrator, music ministry director and co-pastor. Her wisdom and experience far exceed her years, and will greatly bless the body of Christ in profound ways. God is now launching her into a new level of ministry that I believe will revolutionize the 21st Century woman with a cutting edge mentoring ministry. I invite women from the local setting to the nations to share in the ministry of this gift, my wife, Dr. Natalie A. Francisco.

Rev. Connie J. Jackson
Founder & CEO, J. Trinity Communications/On The Edge Ministries, Houston, TX

Every generation or so, God literally bursts into our consciousness through a human vessel whom he has anointed and infused with such a passion for ministry that it ignites the flames of purpose within all of us... Enter Dr. Natalie A. Francisco.

Conspicuously anointed, unashamedly holy, undeniably gifted is this woman of God who has passionately embraced all that God has created her to be - - - teacher, preacher, psalmist, mentor, and my sistah-friend.  The body of Christ is so blessed to have among its ranks a general who is ready to lead the battle of spiritual warfare against the evil that is in us and in the world.  Eye has not seen, neither has ear heard, what great things the Lord has in store for all who will sit under the tutelage of this phenomenal woman.  Speak, Dr. Natalie...our destiny awaits.

Michelle McKinney Hammond · Author of The Diva Principle

I can't think of a better place to nourish your spirit and have an encounter with God than at the WOW Conference. Just the name alone, "Women of Worth" should let you know what to expect. A time of digging deep and being rebuilt according to God's design. And who better to take you into the throne room than Dr. Natalie Francisco. Not only do I call her a dear friend but truly a woman of God and unpretentious worshipper. With no airs or facades she is a wonderful mentor for those who want to be their authentic selves, transparent before God and others as they pursue God's best for their lives. There is no doubt about it; you are in for a transforming experience!

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