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Pastor Brenda Timberlake · Christian Faith Center, Creedmoor, NC

The Women of Worth Conference in 2005 was well planned, well organized and truly beneficial to the ladies in attendance. I was very impressed with the overall organization and administration of the event. Pastor Francisco has a very sound ministry and I highly recommend the ministry of Calvary Community Church in Hampton, VA. They place a high value on serving God and all who come in contact with this ministry will be uplifted and inspired.

Minister Nan Williams · Calvary Community Church, Hampton, VA

Dr. Natalie Francisco, affectionately referred to by many as "Pastor Nat", is an extraordinary woman of God. During the thirteen years that I have known her and watched her life as both a friend and a ministerial colleague, I have been awed by the many gifts and talents God has blessed her with and, by her ability to operate in each gift with such perfection. However, her passion for mentoring, empowering, and transforming the lives of women has inspired me the most. This passion allowed her to give birth to the Women of Worth Conference held annually at Calvary Community Church in Hampton, Virginia, which consists of workshops and speakers who challenge and motivate women to recognize their God-given worth and value. This same passion recently birthed WOWWI, Pastor Nat's "Women of Worth and Worship Institute", an outreach which will allow her to mentor women locally with on-site classes as well as nationally and abroad via the internet. I applaud Pastor Nat for her faithful commitment to embracing the call God has placed on her life to make a powerful and positive impact in the lives of so many women, for such a time as this.

Pastors Cornelius D. & Yolanda Carroll · Abundant Love Christian Center, Houston, TX

Dr. Natalie A Francisco is a dynamic woman of God who is a Pastor, mentor and friend to us. She operates with excellence and integrity and puts God first in everything she does. Every woman who attends the WOWW Institute will be encouraged, educated and empowered by Dr. Natalie's inspirational and practical teaching methods as well as her life lessons. Her giving spirit and balanced life is a testament to the power of God and what He has in store for His daughters through this Institute and annual women's conference. We have known Dr. Natalie for over 12 years and we thank God for this Ministry gift.

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