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Pastors Ronnie B. & Louvenia Pride · Fellowship of Christ Church, Rocky Mount, NC

We are always excited to talk about the ministry that goes on at Calvary Community Church! It is a blessed place and a ministry operating under the power of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of Bishop L. W. III & Dr. Natalie that seeks to transform the lives of people. Certainly our covenant relationship with Calvary Community Church has been a well spring of spiritual blessings and a great resource of knowledge to us as we minister as pastors in our local assembly.

Today, we are especially excited about what the Lord has and continues to develop in the heart of Dr. Natalie: a heart and the love for women. We both have had the pleasure and opportunity to be ministered to and minister with Dr. Natalie. We have no doubt that God has gifted her with the "know how" and the grace to effectively impact the lives of women He sends her way.

It is our prayer that the WOW (Women of Worth) Conferences will continue to thrive and be relevant, and that every woman mentored to through the WOWWI will be blessed beyond the expected measure and transformed for the glory of His Kingdom.

Pastors Flinn & Karen Ranchod · Calvary Community Church Chesapeake, Chesapeake, VA

We are honored and privileged to be mentored by Bishop Francisco III and Dr. Natalie Francisco and to be a part of Calvary Covenant Ministries.

Dr. Natalie Francisco is not only a devoted wife and mother, but also an anointed woman of God that has a seasoned word for the body of Christ and the 21 st century woman. She is a woman of virtue and integrity that understands the heartbeat and needs of women. Her Women of Worth & Worship Institute of mentorship is not only God-ordained, but also it has been birthed in the right season. "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." [Ecclesiastes 3:1]

Deaconess Hariette Barnes-Parker, Ph.D. · Clinical Psychologist, Certified Christian Life Coach

I have known Dr. Natalie Francisco for almost ten years. I am blessed to live under the spiritual covering of Calvary Community Church where she is First Lady and serves as Minister of Music. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of serving on the board of Calvary Bible College under Dr. Natalie's direction and presenting at the Women of Worth Conference. This annual conference, conceived and organized by Dr. Natalie, enriches the life of each woman who attends.

I know it is Dr. Natalie's deepest desire to please God, to be obedient to His word, to do what He asks with a spirit of excellence and to make godly deposits into the lives of His people. The Women of Worth and Worship Institute (WOWWI) was birthed out of this desire. I sincerely believe women who are mentored in this program will experience a deeper walk with God, and see changes in themselves and relationships. I strongly encourage women to arrange or rearrange their schedules so that they can freely participate in WOWWI and to come expecting, ready to receive from a woman after God's own heart. Just to be mentored by Dr. Natalie, a beautiful, gifted, spirit-filled, spirit-led, godly, obedient sister in Christ, is a blessing and catalyst for change in and of itself. I bear witness to the fact that no one can be in her presence and remain the same.

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