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Angela N. Spranger, MBA, MA, PHR

Dr. Natalie Francisco, affectionately known as "Pastor Nat" to her Calvary Community Church family, is an elegant example of God's power and triumph. She is open about her own experiences and growth, and motivates others to trust in and depend on God, both men and women. But the most brilliant example of her witness, and the one most impressive and relevant to women of God on the path of serving Him, is that she is a supportive and encouraging mother/sister/friend/covering in Christ.

Pastor Nat challenges and makes room for women of God, offering every opportunity for God to show His Glory in all its radiant diversity. She provides a forum for women of all kinds - those who write, practice medicine, law or business, or are consultants. Dr. Francisco believes and acts as if God has placed in each of His women a valuable and precious treasure, and He has blessed her with the ability to not only encourage and revive the hungry or hurting soul with her anointed musical gifts, but also to create opportunities for women to encourage other women through Conferences, small groups, breakfasts, Bible studies and written or web-based media.

As a WOW Conference Presenter, I know the power of engaging women to teach and exhort each other, and I encourage you now to trust God and His Holy Spirit within you, calling you to greater commitment and growth as a Woman of Worth and Worship. Pastor Nat is a worthy mentor and covering, who will help you to grow and walk in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Remember, it is God who works in you to will and to do His good pleasure. If you're considering this Women's Institute, it's because God has placed a calling on your life. This anointed woman of God can help you bring it to fruition. Yours in complete dependence on Jesus Christ, prayerfully and joyfully.

Rev. Lekesha Barnett, Founder, HER Call Ministries, International Minister,
Author of The Intensified Life, CEO of Essentials Intensified Consulting (Houston, TX)

It is increasingly obvious that God is up to something wonderful in the lives of women in this epoch of history. There has been a surge of anointed ministry emerging from women daring to walk by faith and live beyond the limits of human labels. I am honored to know such a woman and excited about the newly expanded territory God has given Pastor Natalie Francisco to bring hope, restoration, empowerment and fullness to women.  She wears many hats and has functioned fruitfully in many roles.  A rich experience with God through life and ministry has prepared her well for mentoring women.  I eagerly anticipate a dynamic impact and awesome testimonies from women around the world who are blessed by her ministry.

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