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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed a few solutions to the general questions that are asked by class participants.

I am receiving an error when I download the weekly lessons.

If you are using Internet Explorer 6, Instead of clicking the button to open the file choose to save it instead.

I am having trouble logging in with my password.

Your password is case sensitive. Please make sure to remove any spaces before or after your password as well.

I am having trouble logging in with my username.

Your username is also case sensitive and it's the same as your email address that you provided when you registered. Please refer to your welcome email to verify this information.

How do I receive my account information if I have lost the Welcome WOWWI email?

Hover over The Institute tab and click the login link. On this page, click the link for the welcome email and submit your email address and the information will be sent to the email address on file.

Recently I have been getting this error when I try to enter a chat session online. "Error connecting to server. Please try again in a few minutes." How do I correct this error?

The server may be busy at the time you try to connect. Give it a few seconds and try to log back in. If you are still getting this error, check your internet connection to ensure that you are still connected to the internet. Lastly, you may want to check with your computer administrator that setup your PC to look into any setup or security settings preventing you from logging in.

I logged on at 3 pm and I don't see the link to start the chat.

Chat sessions begin 5 minutes before each class. If you are a few minutes early refresh the page to get the link.

Who should I notify if my email address has changed?

You can send an email to webmasters@calvarycommunity.org in to update your email address. Please provide us your full name upon sending us your request.

How do I submit my balance for my WOWWI session?

You can submit your balance via Pay Pal by by clicking on the "Pay Your WOWWI Balance" link under the institute tab or by using the "clicking here" link under the Complete 3 Easy Steps to Register section on the registration page.

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